Exact match domains: Are they that important?

With Google’s constantly moving goalposts for all things search, I’ve been doing a lot of research recently into what importance is placed on what elements of a website with regards to search engine rankings. It seems there are a lot of conflicting views out there, with some believing that exact match domains (EMDs) are still very important, some believing they were never that important, while others are of the view that while they once were important, Google has “turned down” the importance due to the abuse by spammers and Adsense marketers.

I must admit, while I am highly versed in most aspects of Search Engine Optimization (one would hope so!), I am still a little in the dark when it comes to EMDs. Which doesn’t really matter for the majority of my clients, as their domain names are brand related more than keyword related. However, with an objective to provide as much information as possible on the subject, following are a few informative articles with subsequent comments/discussions on the matter:

As you will gather if you’ve taken the time to read the above articles and following discussions, for even the most experienced SEO professionals the jury is still out on the importance of EMDs. So what do you think?


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